grape producing and winemaking material

This sector represents by far the most important activity of the company. A selection of the best brands of material - from tractors to bottling systems, vintage recepients or presses, our efficient after sales service, consolidated by our agencies at Santenay and at Mercuray, gives us the possibility to fulfil our goal, the position of a regional leader.

From Dijon to Busy, a network of efficient agents, present all over the sector, is the guarantee for our clients to dispose, at any moment, of a permanent optimal service that they expect rightly.
Founded over 30 years ago, at the dawn of the motorisation of agriculture, this activity is the origin of the company. Its evolution has followed the progress of agricultural machinery. The loyalty of generations of winegrowers, succeeding each other at the head of the viticultural enterprises, have created, in the midst of our company, a kind of tradition that animates this sector of activity.

At the origin dedicated to serve the professionals of the ground and the vine, our company has "opened" to a greater public with the appearance of the first gardening materials. Today, this sector has, in our enterprise, a strong progression, that relys on three major trumps : an important and various choice of materials for the great public, permanent advice and an an efficient after sales service.

FAUPIN, that is also a source of "multiple universes"
This activity is developped by the department FAUPIN ESPACE JARDIN.