All our products can be delivered all over the French territory and all over Europe.

All our prices are given "ex store" (Beaune, 21), (except for some particular requests)

Any good sold travels at the risk of the buyer, whatever mode of transport might have been chosen. They are sold ex stock in Beaune ant the buyer has to proceed at his fees to the collection of the goods as soon as he is informed that the order is ready. The company AMOS DISTRIBUTION cannot be held responsible for any problem during the deilvery, such as destruction, loss, damage or theft. The remittee must apply to the carrier for any possible problem within 48 hours after the delivery. In that case, a copy of the reclamation should be sent to us in order to keep us informed.
Consequently, the buyer cannot retain the payment of the goods for reasons of destruction, havary, loss or theft during the delivery traject.

D'une manière générale tout retard du règlement des marchandises entrainera une application d'une pénalité de 2 fois le taux d'intérêt légal dés le premier jour de retard .Conformément à la clause de réserve de propriété stipulé dans nos conditions générales de ventes, elle pourra être appliqué en cas de non paiement de la marchandise à 100 % et ce pour tous les produits facturés par la société AMOS DISTRIBUTION. »

For any other questions concerning the transport, the delivery of our products, litigation, you can write us at the following address:

150 route de Dijon
21200 BEAUNE